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lattice point A point in the coordinate plane or in space with integer coordinates.

legs of a right triangle Either side of a right triangle that is on the right angle.

a common right triangle Segments are the legs of this right triangle.

leg adjacent to an angle The side of the right triangle which is on the acute angle and is not the hypotenuse.

a common right triangle NOTE: the hypotenuse is NOT a leg. is the leg adjacent to angle A. is the leg opposite angle A.

leg opposite an angle The side of the right triangle which is not on the acute angle. (see above illustration)

like terms  Terms that involve the same variables raised to the same powers.
EX: 3x, 4x, and -16.8x are like terms as are .

linear equation An equation in which the graph of the solutions is a line. An equation equivalent to ax + b = y.

EX: 3x + 4 = 22
A linear equation will have no variables with exponents higher than one.

linear pair Angles that have a common side, and whose noncommon sides are opposite rays.
They form a straight line.

line segment  The points A and B along with the points on segment between A and B. Also called segments.
Ways to write segments.

line symmetry A figure is said to posses line symmetry if it can be reflected onto of itself over a given line.
A famous elementary school line symmetric figure.

length The distance between two points measured along the segment or an arc joining them. A dimension of a rectangle or rectangular solid.

NOTE: In Geometry when you are discussing the length of a given segment symbolically, you simply write the named of the segment's endpoints without the segment bar on top.

EX: AC=14 in, is read, "The length of segment AC is fourteen inches."

limit The value to which the terms of an infinite sequence get closer and closer as one goes further and further out in the sequence.

line An undefined geometric term. See Point-Line-Plane Postulate.

line of reflection The line over which a preimage is reflected. Also called reflecting line or mirror.

line perpendicular to a plane A line perpendicular to every line in the plane which passes through the point of intersection.
a line perpendicular to a given plane

liter  A volume or capacity in the metric system equal to 1000 cubic centimeters. 1Liter 1.06 quarts.

lowest terms A fraction written with the smallest possible whole numbers.

Twenty-four divides both numerator and denominator evenly, so the lowest term fraction results after that division.

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