GAMES are being ADDED all the time........This is going to be terrific.....

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kill 'em with slope intercept weapons ALGEBRA vs. the COCKROACHES

SUDOKU Try not to get addicted to this!

as addicting as sudoku but prettier!

slide into a strong mind SLIDO
Slide your way to mental strength

Move the disks from the left peg to the right....sounds easy

Play against yourself or against a friend. See who can solve the most DIFFY puzzles.

exercise your visual logic skills by guessing what the computer is thinking

give it a try with a friend A Wacky New/Old form of Checkers

Grow your brain by simply moving colored pegs.

It's amazing what you can do with EXACTLY four fours. The Fantastic Four Fours Phenomenon

Last one to grab a rod is the loser!

Learn Chinese numbers The Famous CHINESE NUMBER PUZZLE

Roll balls or throw airplanes to create the largest valued expressions.
Roll balls or throw airplanes to sharpen Algebra skills.

Conquer PROOF, think like a lawyer and WIN.
The game of proof.

great puzzles / all levels
If you love jigsaw puzzles, this spot is for you.

Howdy all. Please put me back together!

this one is addicting The Great Dot Game

 A printable themathlab special mind game.
Print and play these game cards.


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