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value of a numerical expression  The number that is the result of evaluating a numerical expression.

Ex: the value of 2+3X4 is 14. Remember, the order of operations says that multiplication must be done first when evaluating this.

value of an algebraic expression The number that is the result of evaluating an algebraic expression.

Ex: the value of 3y +8 = 11 is 1.

value of a variable  A number that is substituted for a variable.

variable  A symbol that can stand for any one of a set of numbers or other objects.

vector A quantity that has both magnitude and direction.

velocity the rate of change of distance with respect to time.

vertex (plural vertices) The point two sides of a polygon have in common. The point of intersection of the sides of an angle.
Vertex is singular, vertices is plural.

vertex angle The angle included by equal sides of an isosceles triangle.
Here the vertex angle is at the top.

vertex of a polyhedron Any of the vertices of the faces of the polyhedron.

vertical angles Two nonstraight and nonzero angles formed by two intersecting lines, but which are not a linear pair. Vertical angles will always be congruent.
Vertical angles are always congruent.

vertical component of a vector The second component in the ordered pair description of a vector, indicating its magnitude along the y-axis of the coordinate plane.

All vectors have a vertical and a horizontal component. Ex: Here we see a vector with an ordered pair description of (7,3). Three is the vertical component of this vector.


vertical line A line with an equation x = h on the coordinate plane.

Ex: The line x = -2 has every x value locked at -2 for every value of y, and it looks like this:
Every x coordinate is locked at -2 on the yellow line.

volume Measurement of the space inside a three-dimensional, or solid figure. The number of unit cubes or parts of unit cubes that can be fit into a solid. Also called capacity.

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