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Dot paper large

Dot paper small

Large grid graph paper

4 quadrant graph paper

Graph paper with room for homework

All kinds of printable graph paper

Addition and Subtraction Facts (timed sheets)

Cartoon Addition Facts Challenge you'll love these

Cartoon Subtraction Facts Challenge Come on it's easy.

Printable Multiplication Tables

Multiplication and Division Facts (timed sheets to print out)


Cartoon Printable Multiplication Challenge

Cartoon Printable Division Challenge

Multiplication Flash Cards (1-10) to print out (personal size deck)

SUPER Multiplication Facts (timed sheet to print/ does 1-20 x 11-20) (this one is for the best minds)

SUPER Multiplication Facts - (Electronic Version, scores it for you)

SUPER Multiplication Flash Cards (1-20 x 11-20) to print out (personal size deck)


pre-algebra stuff

Integer Chip Game
(Learn how to add and subtract integers with these movable chips.)

Adding Integers Cartoon Version
(Printable practice sheet)

Equation Solving Balance Beam
(Solve linear equations by moving blocks and balloons onto and off of the beam.)

Algebra Tiles
(Cut apart these tiles and learn about Algebra manipulation by TOUCH)

Bobby Bear's Outfits
(Find all of the possible combinations of outfits for Bobby as you electronically dress him.)

algebra stuff

Equation Grapher and Regression Analyzer
(this is a terrific shareware download)

Find the line of best fit - javasketchpad interactive slope and y intercept adjuster

geometry stuff

Disposable Protractors

Geometer's Sketchpad - a fantastic geometric drawing tool that every geometry student should have
(This will take you to the manufacturer's site. It has tons of information, examples, and resources, as well as student and teacher versions to download)

The Master List of Legal Geometric Reasons
(Here are all the definitions, postulates, theorems, properties etc. that will give you the power to conquer geometry and proof)

A Table of Trigonometric Ratios

Conquer PROOF with this game. This game will sharpen your proof skills while you have fun. Can be played alone or in teams.

CLICK for a cool polyhedron site.


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