Hi. We're glad you've joined our lab.  This Math Laboratory has been designed so you can EXPERIENCE math.

We believe that people learn math best by DOING it and USING it in their lives.

Learning is easier if it is pleasurable as well.  So to help our users learn, we here at themathlab.com have created a site full of interactive lessons, math magic, games, humor, a math "gym",  and lots more.

Many of our lessons include practice problems which generate passwords when solved correctly. These passwords will take you to "treasure rooms". You can use any password by entering it into the TreasureFinder on the navigation bar at the bottom of every page.

*This material is intended for PERSONAL USE.  Please feel free to print and pass on any of themathlab.com copyrighted material.   Include our copyright and our web address, themathlab.com, on any material that you use or distribute.



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