Natural Math:

Enjoy some math the natural way, just for fun!

Cool Starting Stuff

  1. Chinese Number Puzzle

  2. Chinese Calculating Machine

Adding Treasures

  1. Adding Power Timed Worksheet

  2. The game of use addition to win, last one to grab a rod is the loser!

  3. Give me a try, its fun.
    Cartoon Addition Facts Timed Challenge

    (your goal should be 100% correct in 2 minutes)

  4. Adding to 99 Circles game

  5. magical square games Mathemagical Squares

  6. SLIDO the quick game of sliding mental math

Subtraction Magic

  1. Subtracting Power Timed Worksheet

  2. Wow these go really FAST!
    Cartoon Subtraction Facts Timed Challenge

    (your goal is 100% correct in 2 minutes)

  3. DIFFY
    Play against yourself or against a friend. See who can solve the most DIFFY puzzles.

  4. Am I right? Am I? Am I?
    Stanley S. Tupid Makes a Discovery

    (add and subtract to see if Stan is gonna be famous)

Multiplying Wonders

  1. Multiplying Power Timed Worksheet

  2. You can do it!Cartoon Multiplying Power Challenge
    (your goal should be 100% correct in 2 minutes)

  3. Electronic Multiplying Power (self scored)

  4. Multiplying SUPER POWER Timed Worksheet

  5. Multiplying SUPER POWER electronic version

  6. These folks are really fun to make.Permutation People
    (create wild and wacky people and exlplore the math behind them)

Division Intensity

  1. Cartoon Division Power Challenge
    (your goal should be 100% correct in 2 minutes)
  2. Those Magical Divisibility Rules
    (practice your way to treasure)

Mental Math to Make You Look SMART!

  1. The Mental Math POWER ZONE

Fraction Jungle

  1. The Ultimate Test of Fraction Prowess
  2. DRAW Fraction Multiplication
    (Anyone can learn to multiply fractions by DRAWING.)

GEOMETRY - math for your Eyes

  1. Creating "Graceful Networks."

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