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gallon (gal) A unit of capacity in the U.S. system of measurement equal to 4 quarts.

generalization   A statement that is true about many instances.

glide reflection The composite of a reflection and a translation parallel to the reflecting line, also known as a walk.

gores Tapered sections of a net for a spherical object.
These funky shapes fold to make a sphere.

grade The slope of a road, often represented as a percent or ratio.

gram  A unit of mass in the metric system. A gram weighs about as much as a medium sized paperclip.

graph A picture of numbers on a number line or coordinate system. See also network.

graph theory The geometry of networks.

great circle of sphere The intersection of a sphere and a plane that contains the center of the sphere. The equator is a great circle on the Earth. A great circle seperates the sphere into two hemispheres.
Great circles cut through the center of the sphere.

grouping symbols Symbols such as parentheses ( ), brackets [ ],
braces { }, and fraction bars /, that group numbers and, or variables together.

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