Stories to tickle your fancy and stimulate your "what-if" bone...enjoy!
Sincerely, staff

"The Feeling of Power" by Isaac Asimov - (This story is about a possible future in which no human can compute even simple arithmetic, save one......)

"The Mathrix" by Michael Maggiore (Enter the funky world of Neo. This story was written by a 14 year old geometry student as an assignment. The goal was to write a story about a world where no one knows any basic math except them, and what kind of power this gives them.)

"The Story of Little Sophie Burnbomb and Her Nine Tricks"
by S.K. Martz - (Sophie is a fire headed beast, or so her math teacher, Mr. Simpson says. She's fiesty with a capital F. It turns out that her little brain knows how to do math with the number nine in a manner that causes Mr. Simpson to errupt. His terribly violent response to Sophie produces an evil with tentacles so long they reach through time to touch even YOU.)

"Zig and Grizelda" by S.K. Martz - (Zig is popular despite being an ugly dude with the pipecleaner arms. Griselda is known as "the GRIZ". She's absolutely friendless because of her "deformity". Throw these two together, stir in one twisted math teacher, top this with the geometry assignment from hell, bake for 7 weeks and you have a recipe that will change their lives forever.)

"The Legend of Soh-Cah-Toa Mental Princess of the Ages/ (overview)"
by S.K. Martz - (this is an overview of the longer legend for those of you in a hurry)

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