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Every Number is Special

Boyd Henry had compiled an interesting little book that will be a source of mathematical amazement, amusement, and challenge, as you explore interesting facts about a great many numbers.

We have learned A LOT from this little treasure.


Excerp of review by Carolyn Phelan

Grades 5-8. With a book jacket statement, "100 Ways Parents and Kids Can Share the Wonders of Mathematics," this large-format compendium offers many activities as well as brief discussions of math concepts and history. Projects include creating a hopscotch game to demonstrate positive and negative numbers, comparing the ratios of objects with their shadows, and making a spirit level. Each double-page spread focuses on a particular subject within one of the seven broad headings: numbers, proportions, algebra, statistics, measurement, shape, and thinking.

one of all time favorites

The I Hate Mathematics Book

This is a book for nonbelievers of all ages. It was written especially for kids who have been convinced that mathematics is (1) impossible, (2) for those smart kids who can't play baseball, and (3) no fun anyhow. This book will also do wonders for TEACHERS, parents, or any adult who hates math. Here you will find several hundred mathematical events, gags, magic tricks and experiments. Don't miss this one!

terrific experiments with math

Janice VanCleave's MATH for Every Kid

Book Description:

This basic math book for children ages 8-12 is designed to make the learning of math skills a fun experience and to encourage a desire for further investigation into specific math topics. The author uses a step-by-step method and includes simple problems to teach facts, concepts, computational skills and problem solving strategies. Various activity projects from science to crafts allow the reader to apply these skills to problem solving in the real world.


"Actually makes figuring the area of a circle seem more like playing Nintendo than doing homework".--The Houston Post.

Mathematics: a Human Endeavor: a Book for Those Who Think They Don't Like the Subject

Reviewer: Julie A. Moser from Northern New Mexico has the following to say about this textbook:

I'm a 36-year old homeschooling mother who had done calculus in high school and college, and mechanically got some right answers, but never knew why.

I hadn't bothered to slow down and notice the beauty and power of the language of mathematics. In his textbook, Mathematics: A Human Endeavor, Harold Jacobs smashed my lack of confidence into a million pieces. He showers the student with so much real-life relevance and humor, that even a slight amount of curiosity about the subject bears delicous fruit.

Working through this book will convince any human being, of almost any age, that he or she is a born mathematician.

fabulous resource tool

The Math Teacher's BOOK OF LISTS

A fantastic info. source for math teachers in any grade.

Reviewer: A reader from Columbia, SC

This book contains mathematical information on a huge variety of subjects as well as steps to solving almost any type of problem you can think of. Topics covered include number theory and operations, measurement,geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus,and two sections titled "Math in Other Areas" and "Potpourri". The last two sections contain information invaluable in planning and implementing integrated mathematics lessons. This book is an excellent source for the neat facts that make math exciting and interesting for students and teachers.

this one gets our HIGHEST recommendation

Math for Smarty Pants

Without a doubt, this is the best elementary book on math that we have ever seen! It changed the entire way we looked at the subject of math.

It should be required reading for all teachers and parents who care about inspiring a love for learning math.

Get it. You'll be glad you did.

Math Magic

Scott Flansburg's heartfelt belief is that there are no "mathematical illiterates," just people who have not learned how to make math work for them. But millions of otherwise successful adults are afraid to balance their checkbooks and don't know how to figure interest on savings or credit. Millions of students dread their math classes and live in fear of the math section of the SAT. But, as Scott Flansburg demonstrates, anyone can put these phobias to rest and deal with essential everyday mathematical calculations with confidence.

learn from the "human calculator"

Math Magic for your Kids

Packed with hundreds of games, exercises, and tricks, this innovative book by the "New York Times" bestselling author of "Math Magic" is the perfect device for parents who want to transform their math-phobic children into math wizards. Line art throughout.

you'll be amazewd how easy these tricks are

Rapid Math Tricks and Tips

Wow do we ever love this one. It is simply jammed packed with easy, and some sophisticated, tricks for doing math quickly.

The thing we really like is that each lesson gives you practice problems that you can do and time yourself. The answers are all in the back. There is something here for everyone.

Triad Optical Illusions and How to Design Them

A triad is something that can be drawn on a 2 dimensional surface but can not be constructed in the third dimension. It's a sort of visual paradox, and as such, will intrigue the analytical mathematician in you with the beauty of illusion.

This book explains how to construct them and offers 32 reproducable plates.

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