Our Most Treasured GAMES

There's nothing quite like a comfortable wooden game of chess.


It doesn't get better than owning your own wooden chess set. This one won't fall apart with use.

Mancala is still as fun as ever.


This is a marvelous games for young minds to learn strategy and counting. The game is deceptively simple which makes it appropriate for fairly young kids (5+). However, in order to do well, kids need to think ahead -- not only to set up their future moves but also to think about how to prevent their opponent from getting some easy scores.

This is a super logic developer.


This is a terrific game for developing logic skills. This version is designed for folks 8 years and older.

Kids ages 6-11 love this.

MasterMind for Kids

Younger kids can develop their powers of logic and deduction in this game of code-cracking fun. This version is simplified for younger children and comes with colorful animal pegs, a jungle-and-mountain-theme board, and fewer code options.

Usually ships in 24 hours.


We HIGHLY recommend this 500 card, game of brain puzzlers. It will get you thinking in new ways.

Usually ships in 24 hours.

Mindtrap II

For those of you who have to have more!

This game is produced by the makers of the game SET.


The rules are brutal, but the rewards are worth it in this card game that works a bit like Scrabble. Although there is a solitary version of the game for one player, you can play with up to eight. Cards containing letters of the alphabet and special combinations of letters are dealt. The object is to turn all the letters in your possession into dictionary-proof words while leaving one stray card as a final discard.

The famous game of set is addicting.


SET is a card game of quick recognition and deduction. Each card contains one of three symbols (squiggles, diamonds, ovals) in varying numbers (up to three), colors (purple, green, red), and degrees of shading. The trick is to keep calm while trying to make rapid connections or "sets". The Darwinian nature of the game (remember: everyone plays simultaneously) is certain to cause some feistiness among more competitive players. --Tom Keogh

The best math game we know of!

Twenty-Four Game

This game is wonderful for reinforcing math facts. It is availlable in elementary, algebraic, fraction, decimal, and exponent versions. We give this game our absolute highest recommendation. This link allows you to try out the game online and has an online store too.

If it's in here, you can be sure it's good.

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