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Here is a game designed to grow your proof skills tall and strong.
You'll be amazed how smart this game will make you.

Play it in teams,
Two teams of two or three people works best. ...........................or alone Sometimes playing alone helps get your thoughts straight. .

Play it electronically Try out level one, be sure to print out your legal reasons , or
Print out the game board, This is the gameboard. ,

playing cards, and legal reasons, for the level you want, then play it anywhere.

Object of the Game:
Be the farthest advanced on the gameboard when time is up or when the cards are finished.

Materials Needed:
Math Court Game Board, paper and pencil for each player, proof cards, hint cards, legal reason sheet for the level of play

Instructions For Play:

  1. Print out the game & hint cards for the level you want to play.
  2. Print out the game board, and grab a pencil and paper for each player.
  3. Be sure the cards are in numerical order, and lay them face down.
    (NOTE: the cards get harder as the numbers increase, shuffling makes for a more exciting game, but we don't recommend you shuffle until your proof skills are comfortable.)
  4. When both teams are ready, turn up the first card.
  5. All players work the proof remembering to write clear sentences and to back up every statement with a correct legal reason. Teams will discuss proof ideas secretly.
  6. Hint cards are available for each proof. If you use a hint, you lose 2 moves.
  7. When a team has a valid proof written, they will slap the card. Then they share their proof statements with the other team. If their proof is clear and correctly backed up, they mark 5 x's on the game board, 3 x's if a hint card was used.(the other team will use o's)

    If any of their statements are unclear or not backed up by an appropriate legal reason, they lose the round, and the other team may continue the proof. If both teams are unsuccessful, play moves to the next card.
  8. The team who is farthest along the court at the end of the deck, or previously set time period, wins.
  9. If you are playing by yourself, the challenge is to reach the finish line before the end of the deck.
  10. ***The electronic version is the same except the cards pop up electronically, and you move an electronic "x" or "o" on the monitor screen.

    How to Play | Game Levels | Reasons | Cards | Game Board | Writing Proofs

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