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Can one child change the world? You bet ya!
Twelve year old Trever McKinney has an idea that involves helping people and utilizes the law of exponential growth, which he calls "pay it forward".
You start with 3 really good deeds, expect no payback but only "pay forward". The recipients of the good deeds pass on good deeds to 3 more people. So 3 deeds turn into 9, and these 9 become 27, and 27 grow to 81 etc. Soon the deeds become a way of life.
Can it possibly work? Wait till you see or 'hear', (the audio version is terrific too).
Pay It Forward audio tape
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Pay It Forward: A Novel

The math on this is just too cool. IT CAN HAPPEN. We here at themathlab ran the numbers. The whole thing is based on powers of three.
Let's say a person completes their three good deeds in a month. Since there are 12 months in a year, on the twelfth month there will be 3^12 deeds done=(531,441). That is over half a million generated in one month. Remember the month prior will have generated its own 3^11 deeds =(177,147) and so on for each prior month.
Now these are all growing from a single person starting with three deeds done the first month.
What if 100 people started with 3 deeds that first month?
That is why we KNOW that this id
ea of Trevor's can work. The mathematics shows it very clearly.

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