Meet the "Children of the Sky."

A more super group of people

you will never find.

(be sure to read the captions)

A great group to wake up to.


You gotta love this kid!


Look at the unbridled enthusiasm!


This is a STRONG team.


And now for some pics of a more FORMAL nature



Here is where we Webified the lab room.

We had angle you could WALK through.

We even created our own measuring devices. in the act of creating a measuring device

beautiful math measurers what a tangled web we wove.

It was pretty cool.....really.

Actually, the web was a bit mesmerizing.

It caused much discussion.

Females helped males.

Thoughts of Geometry

It brought us together as a people.

It gave us a purpose.

It made some of us SING.

A helpful spirit filled the room.

Children of the Sky.


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