2005/2006 just FLEW

We met and grew
A whole new crew.

So fun was it to watch them blossom

From seeds of little knowledge

to living roots in their corpus colossums.

Live long and prosper!

Thus sayeth the queen of R.I.A.


(be sure to read the captions)

Isaac is thinking The resident Asians

Pat is HOT! Dale and Andy having a moment of bliss.

He ain't heavy dawg.

This is what Alex looks like when singing in the shower!

Yes, THESE kids are the future of America!

I love the kid in the back!

This woman fell off a desk and LIVED!!!

Here's the coolest Justin ever!!! He has a dinosaur shirt that really rocks.

These girls think with their faces.

Too much math is not good for one's color.

Okay, what's on HER mind?

Future TV newscaster!

Future soap opera queen.

Pinky and the Brain....

Wow, we never knew Ben was that tall!

Female brains at work...are unbeatable!

These two are not as innocent as they look... JK.

Trying not to touch the evil calculating device... remember, IT WILL SUCK AWAY YOUR BRAIN!

Let us all pray to the math gods for understanding...

Jake 'n buds

A better group of people, you will never find!

This is what Jared is going to look like when he is 40!

Abercrombie....eat your heart out.

one elegant young lady

Three not so elegant young ladies who make us all laugh

OOOOO look Bob's on fire!

My favorite Algebra dudes and dudettes

Wow, I never knew that Andrew was that strong!

Great hair, 24 superstar! Math pals.

The muskateerettes.

Not fighting for this picture only.

The two most likely to become famous.

You just gotta love them, look at those sweet faces!

Great eyes, and kind heart = Kimmy

How about a little TRIM?

Andrew.....step away from the GREEN!

Mrs. Loughry is this gonna work?

How can you stay mad at the person behind THOSE eyes?

RAT working hard.

Geometryic flower girl

Deep in thought

Wow Drew, what's up with your HAIR?

Yes, that's Garrett behind that net.

Smart math females RULE.  Don't EVER forget that.


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