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he is a fun guide

NOTE: as this computer cannot do upside down u's I will use this symbol for the upside down u: @ and % for the right side up U. Instructions
1. Color R black.
2. Color O black.
3. Color L @~H @~I @~O @~P Red.
4. Color M @~I @~J Red.
5. Color N @~Q @~P @~J @~K Red.
6. Color I @~H @~E @~F Light Blue.
7. Color J @~K @~F @~G Light Blue.
8. Draw white circles in the middle of O and R.
9. Draw a door handle in the middle of M. IF YOU HAVE HARD DRIVE SPACE TO SPARE: (Optional)
10. Color P @~O @~M Light Gray.
11. Color Q @~M @~R Light Gray.
12. Color A%B%C%D Any sky color you prefer.
13. Color E%F%G A different shade of the above color.
14. Color H the same as E%F%G.
15. Color K the same as H.
16. Now you have a car for eGgMaN.


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