Construct a Truncated Right Square Pyramid and
Analyze its Surface Area and Volume
  1. For this activity you will construct a right square pyramid that has its top cut off parallel to its bottom. This is known as a "truncated" pyramid. Make a net on a large piece of paper that will fold up into the exact figure described by the two elevations below. The dimensions you write on your net must match those on the elevevations exactly. When you fold this net it should fit right on top of the elevations and match perfectly.
    *NOTE: only two elevations are needed here, because it is a right square pyramid. It will look the same from the front, back, left side, and right side.

  2. Cut out your net and glue it together.

  3. Now, on a piece of notebook paper describe in words how to find the surface area of your net, and then show the mathematics clearly for each side and the total.

  4. Finally, on notebook paper describe in words how to find the volume of your truncated right square pyramid, and then show the mathematics clearly.

  5. You may look at our EXAMPLE if you need help, but remember your dimensions are different.


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