Walking Through a Hole in a Piece of Paper

Zig and Grizelda presented the following activity to their class.

Zig began, "Okay, you guys all know that the assignment was to take a sheet of 8.5 by 11 inch paper and cut a hole in it big enough to walk through. The only things we could use were a pair of scissors and a pencil."

Zelda continued,"Well at first we thought it was impossible, but we got the idea that there was an awful lot of surface area on a single sheet of paper if we could actually USE ALL OF IT, and not waste a bit."

"Yeah," continued Zig, "If you cut the sheet along the guidelines we give you below, and NEVER cut on anything but a guideline, the paper will open up into a HUGE hole."

Grizelda started to get excited, "It's really amazing. After you practice for a while on our lines, you should give it a shot on a piece of paper without any lines drawn. The trick is much more impressive that way."

"Yeah," said Zig, "and you can even make a hole big enough to drive a CAR through if you cut your lines closer together. Heck, my little sister used a little 3 x 5 index card and she got her hole big enough to walk through."

If you want to practice on our line sheet, click HERE to print it out.



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