Create a Haunted House.....if you dare!

*Follow the directions below to sharpen your graphing skills, create a cool haunted house and then morph it using math.

Part 1
1.) You will need a large piece of graph paper, (approximately 69 blocks tall and 40 blocks wide. You can create one by taping two pieces together. If you need graph paper click here to get get a free program that makes it for you.
2.) Turn your large graph paper vertically. Draw a "y" axis down the center of the page from the top to the bottom. Label it "y" at the top.
3.) Count up 23 blocks from the bottom of the page, ( or 1/3 of the way up if you are using graph paper other than 70 blocks tall), and draw an "x" axis the whole way across the page on that 23rd line. Be sure to label it "x" on the right side.
4.) Start at the origin,where your axes meet. Place a small tick mark on every fifth line on both axes to the edges of the page. Then place small numbers underneath each tick mark counting by five's, 5, 10, 15, 20 etc..
5.) Draw the outline of a HAUNTED HOUSE in the top two quadrants. Use your imagination and make it scary.
6.) Now take your pencil and mark at least 30 points around the perimeter of your house, and label them correctly with their coordinates. (Remember the "x" coordinate is always listed first in the ordered pair (x,y) )
Part 2
7.) Print out our "Coordinate Morphing Table".
8.) Start at the lower left corner of your picture. Write down the first coordinate of your house on the Morphing Table (in the original coordinate column).
9.) Put a small check mark on your graph by this point, to keep track that you have recorded it.
10.) Multiply this coordinate by (-1/3) and write the results as fractions, in the third column. NOTE: many of the fractions in this column will be improper fractions.
11.) Now reduce the coordinates in column three to whole numbers or mixed numbers, and write the results into the last column.
12.) Finally graph the new, reduced, coordinate on the graph paper. ( It will appear somewhere in the bottom two quadrants.)

13.) Repeat steps (8 through 12) for each of your 30 points, around the perimeter of your house.

Be sure to work our way around the figure in order and connect the new MORPHED points in order as you graph them. Don't forget to put check marks as you move around the picture to keep your place.

14.) The new coordinates will MORPH your house by shrinking and rotating it. This is called a geometric TRANSFORMATION.

*Don't forget to add detail and color for the best presentation.

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