Part 5

As a result of their school reputations, Zig and Grizelda couldn't see in each other what Mr. Donelly instinctively knew to be true. They were soul mates.

Mr. Donelly had a "sixth-teacher-sense." He wasn't consciously aware of it; he just used it naturally whenever dealing with his "kids". He called upon his gut instincts every time he wrote up a new seating chart. What the kids didn't know was that he also said a prayer over each blank seating chart before he ever wrote in a name. He always prayed that the groups formed would benefit each child, and he asked God to bless each group.

Now occasionally, his prayers were answered negatively and changes had to be made. He sensed in his gut that putting Zig Dorff, who was an intelligent, sensitive young man, beside Clarissa Bentley, who only cared about herself and how many stares she could get with the flip of her hair or the showing of her bra through a thin blouse, was not the best for Zig.

Donelly had noticed a rather large change in Zig this quarter. He'd become the excessive class clown in his clumsy attempts to get Clarissa's attention. Why one day he came in wearing three pairs of boxer shorts on his head. When asked why, he said, "Mr. Donelly I'm trying to "feel" the Geometry. Today I'm endeavoring to become Pythagoras. Don't ya love my turban? Mrs. Clark, in drama class, says that one needs to practice immersion to truly get into a character. I figured since I failed the Pythagorean Theorem test, that I'd better get truly immersed. Don't you agree?"

The class roared at this comment, and Zig gave a stately bow and winked at Clarissa as he sat down beside her. She laughed, patted him on the knee and said to the class, "Yes, I guess that makes me queen partner to the coolest underwear head, king in this class."

Zig took this as encouragement, and smiled like a little kid. He bowed again, and the class laughed some more. Clarissa, not one to have the attention diverted from herself, quickly grabbed Zig's hand pulled it to her breast, and then kissed it saying, "Hail my Lord Pythagoras, what math mysteries have you for us today?"

Poor Zig was overwhelmed by this. He quickly faded from the limelight as the class turned their attention to "Lady Clarissa." Mr. Donelly interrupted at this point, but not before he noticed Clarissa giving "Cleopatra Eyes" to David Shelby. "Man that girl just never quits," Donelly thought to himself.

So Mr. Donelly had to save Zig. He needed to remove this unhealthy distraction that had caused Zig to clown too much and drop his grade from a solid 'A' to a 'C'.

Now who would best suit for this job? "I know, Grizelda Spoon," Mr. Donelly thought, as he triumphantly wrote the names on his seating chart. "Yes she's just the one. She's a quiet young lady, very serious, not very sure of herself even though she has the highest grade imaginable in my class. Yes, she'll do perfectly for Zig, and I'm quite sure that Zig will do perfectly for her."

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