Part 8

The first two weeks went better than either Zig or Grizelda could have imagined. Zig never copied Grizelda's homework like all of her other partners had. He joked around in class, but his work was always done, and it was usually right. Grizelda found herself thinking that she had misjudged him; maybe he wasn't a mental deficient, loser, clown.

Zig was surprised that Grizelda seemed concerned for him when the other kids made big nose comments, or pipecleaner arm comments or even the occasional zit comments. He heard her actually say to Marty, "Lay off, you're only saying that because you want to draw attention away from the fact that Zig did better than you on the quiz."

Zig observed that this had shut Marty up for a full ten minutes. No one was used to Grizelda Spoon ever opening her mouth. The shock value alone left Marty speechless. Zig felt a bit of pride that his partner had opened her mouth for the first time in defense of his honor. Being defended was a new experience for Zig. Maybe he had misjudged her; she sure didn't seem like the ugly, mean, witchwoman everyone said she was.

One day at lunch, a few of the guys at Zig's table were making less than complimentary comments about Grizelda's teeth. Zig said, "She can't help her teeth. Anyway, a chick is a lot more than a pair of teeth."

"Oh, no way man. Hey guys it looks like the Zig man has been bewitched by the Griz woman. He doesn't even look at her black teeth," teased Marty.

Just as he was about to reply, he thought better of it. The truth was, he really didn't look at her teeth.

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