Part 6

"And at this table I want to see ZIG DORFF and GRIZELLA SPOON."

Zig and Grizelda moved slowly, as if in a dream. They reached the table and sat down. Neither one could look at the other. It was just too unbearable.

So they looked around the room at the other couples. Feeling sorry for yourself always seems to grow stronger when you can view other people's good fortune in close proximity.

Zig saw Marty sitting beside Mary Jane Wineman. She was a funny girl, a little on the plump side, but fun to be around. She and Marty would enjoy the last nine weeks. Life was so unfair.

He saw Clarissa sitting beside Dave Shelby. She had her arm resting on his shoulder, but her head was turned toward Kyle Marcus. She was looking at him with those dreamy eyes of hers. This confused him. How could she look at so many guys with those same eyes.

Grizelda noticed her academic rival, Christine McMann. She got paired with Victor Chan. Christine and Grizelda had this silent competition going on all year. Mondays Mr. Donelly announced the 'A's, and they were always ranked from highest to lowest. The top spot with over 100% was always held by Grizelda, Christine or Victor. Now her rivals were a PAIR.
Life was so unfair.

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