How to Make an Origami Goose



1.) You will need a square sheet of paper. You can make any rectangular sheet into a square by folding the upper right corner down level with the base as you see here.

2.) Then just cut off the excess.

3.) And v'oila, a perfect square.

4.) Next fold your paper in half.

5.) Now bring the upper right corner down to the center and make a sharp crease.

6.) Turn the paper over.

7.) Now repeat step 5 on this side.

8.) Grab the paper in the center and open it up. You might want to blow inside it to help it open.

9.) Open it wide and lay it out flat into a square shape.

10.) This is what it should look like at this stage.

11.) Next take the left top fold and bring it in to the center. Crease it sharply and make sure that it meets at a point at the bottom.

12.) Now bring the top right fold and fold it into the center and crease sharply, making a point at the bottom.

13.) Turn it over. It should still be square on the back.

14.) Repeat steps 11 & 12.

15.) Lay the top flaps open and gently lift up the top layer so that you can see inside.

16.) The idea here is to REVERSE the folds you made in step 14. Gently nudge the left side inward until the paper reverses and folds into the interior.

17.) Do the same thing on the right side folds.

18.) Now lay it open and press all edges firmly. It will look like a diamond with an open slit down the middle.

19.) Now turn the paper over.

20.) Repeat steps 15-18. It should look like this on both sides now.

21.) This is what it will look like from the side.

22.) Now bring the top left and top right sides into the center again like you did in steps 11 & 12. Crease firmly.

23.) Turn it over and repeat step 22 on the back. It will look like this when you are finished.

24.) Place your thumb at the center and carefully pull up the left "leg" into the body, reversing the fold as you do.

25.) Now do the same thing on the right side. Your goose is almost finished.

26.) Fold one of the long tips into a head as you see here.

27.) This is what it looks like so far.

28.) The final folds are the wings. Simply bend them down.

29.) No go ahead and decorate her. Be sure to make some more too. Remember, geese are happiest when with a gaggle, that's a bunch of them. You should never let them be alone!

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