Below are some multiplication trick tables.
*We have two models:



If you are still having a bit of trouble with the tables up to 10 x 10:

  1. print out the BRAIN model (there are 2 copies on the sheet)
  2. cut them both out
  3. tape one by your bed
  4. look it over every night trying to find patterns in the numbers
  5. put the other one in your bookbag
  6. carry it with you everywhere, and pattern search it in boring classes or
    when you just have time to kill
  7. circle, or color, or write down all patterns that you find
  8. keep saying the multiplication facts to yourself as you find patterns
  9. print out the personal size flash card deck and FLASH YOURSELF

When you REALLY want to  sharpen your brain, learn the tables up to 20 x 20:

  1. print out the SUPER BRAIN model twice
  2. follow steps 2 thru 8 above
  3. don't forget to print a personal size SUPER flash card deck and FLASH YOURSELF
  4. use your brain to do these types of problems around other people
    they will be shocked at your mental power!



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