Would you want to eat the same stale tasteless meat day after day after day after day after day? No, of course not. So DON'T SERVE STALE MEAT TO YOUR STUDENTS.

Keep your classes FRESH!

People learn at different rates and in different ways. So if you do the same thing everyday, you will be doing a tremendous disservice to a large percentage of your students. Vary your methods of instruction frequently and you will keep more students learning.

Remember there are few people in the world who can learn just by hearing, these are auditory learners. Some can learn by just watching an example or two, but the majority of people need to involve more than just their ears and eyes. They need to touch it, sing it, dance to it, build it, draw it, write about it, act it out, argue about it, or in general just EXPERIENCE what they learn.

Okay so how do you get your students to EXPERIENCE their math? Give them something fresh and a bit fun every day. Here are some things that our teachers do to get you thinking of possibilities:

  1. Games
  2. mini-lectures (five minutes of talk, five minutes of try the idea)
  3. boardwork
  4. groupwork
  5. individual work
  6. projects
  7. videos
  8. writing assignments
  9. discovery lessons
  10. computer practice
  11. Internet research
  12. spreadsheet explorations
  13. humorous stories
  14. lively historical anecdotes and facts
  15. one on one peer tutoring
  16. experiments
  17. timed drills
  18. self checking worksheets with answer banks

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