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This is a fun, quiet, game reminiscent of the "whisper chain" game that people play in elementary school, although it will work well for all grades
(K-12). Groups of students silently do problems while sitting in straight columns. When the teacher calls "PUFF", the person at the front of the column passes her paper to the person behind her. The second person then compares her work with the work on the paper that has been passed. She decides which one is correct and then passes the best paper to the person behind her. This silent work/evaluation and passing continues until the last person in the column is reached. When the teacher says, "POWER PUFF", the last person must make the final decision and place the problem and all the work on the board.

Each "pod" or group has their own space at the board, and the last person must cover their work with their body until everyone is finished and the teacher says, "Sit down." Each pod with the correct answer gets a point.

The thing that makes this game challenging is that this is all done in complete SILENCE. If any pod member talks or even whispers during the round, the pod loses a point. This forces the students to communicate through their writing. Showing correct mathematics becomes vital because they can't explain verbally what they mean to the person behind them.


What you will need:

  1. Colored transparency of the Power Puff Girls announcing the game, or a colorful poster to set the stage and pique the class' curiosity as they enter the room. Click HERE to print ours.
  2. A set of problems for the game
  3. Paper and pencils
  4. Enough chalkboard space for each pod to record their work
  5. Desks arranged in straight columns of no more than four desks per column

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