If you are looking for a way to reward students other than throwing candy at them, try the famous MYSTERY EGGS.

Get yourself some of those plastic Easter eggs, and instead of putting candy in them, put little slips of folded paper. On the paper you write fortunes; just make them up or use the ones we suggest below.

You can also put bonus points in some of the eggs . The element of chance makes these prizes almost irresistible to humans. It's the same mentality as the Chinese fortune cookie.

The only caveat is this, MAKE SURE YOUR FORTUNES ARE POSITIVE! No negative prophesies allowed!


  • You will meet someone exciting soon.
  • Your life is about to have a fun challenge.
  • Do three nice things today, and something happy will happen to you.
  • Your Computer skills will save your life someday.
  • You will find love in a place you totally do not expect.
  • Say "Hello" to five people whom you do not know today and something great will happen.
  • You are about to get a good grade in a hard class.
  • Music will have a big impact in your life.
  • Math is about to get easier.
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