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one of all time favorites

The I Hate Mathematics Book

This is a book for nonbelievers of all ages. It was written especially for kids who have been convinced that mathematics is (1) impossible, (2) for those smart kids who can't play baseball, and (3) no fun anyhow. This book will also do wonders for TEACHERS, parents, or any adult who hates math. Here you will find several hundred mathematical events, gags, magic tricks and experiments. Don't miss this one!

stretch your brain

aha! Insight

Develop "aha! Reactions": those sudden, creative leaps of the mind leading to short, elegant solutions to seemingly impossible problems. A confounding collection of brain-twisters in six categories: combinatorial, geometric, numerical, logical, procedural, and verbal. This book contains puzzles to first baffle and then delight both problem solving addicts and novices alike.

We have learned A LOT from this little treasure.


Excerp of review by Carolyn Phelan

Grades 5-8. With a book jacket statement, "100 Ways Parents and Kids Can Share the Wonders of Mathematics," this large-format compendium offers many activities as well as brief discussions of math concepts and history. Projects include creating a hopscotch game to demonstrate positive and negative numbers, comparing the ratios of objects with their shadows, and making a spirit level. Each double-page spread focuses on a particular subject within one of the seven broad headings: numbers, proportions, algebra, statistics, measurement, shape, and thinking.

this one gets our HIGHEST recommendation

Math for Smarty Pants

Without a doubt, this is the best elementary book on math that we have ever seen! It changed the entire way we looked at the subject of math.

It should be required reading for all teachers and parents who care about inspiring a love for learning math.

Get it. You'll be glad you did.

Mathematical Circus

A lively selection of puzzles and paradoxes, games and entertainments. Among the pleasures are The Ghost Penny, The Floating Hot Dog, Elegant Triangles, The Rotating Round Table, and many more.

terrific book to unlock your problem solving POWER

A Whack on the Side of the Head

This book systematically breaks through your mental blocks and unlocks your mind for creative thinking, using illustrations, provocative puzzles, anecdotes, exercises, metaphors, cartoons, questions, quotations, stories, and tips.

definitely worth  your time

The Moscow Puzzles 359 Mathematical Recreations

First published in the Soviet Union in 1956, this marvelously diverse collection of 359 puzzles ranges from simple "catch" riddles to difficult problems but contains none that require a knowledge of advanced mathematics.

Creative Puzzles of the World

This is a gorgeous "coffee table" type book filled with many different kinds of puzzles from history to present day. Examples include: Moving-Piece Puzzles, Dissection Puzzles, Matchstick Puzzles, Domino Puzzles, Construction and Packing Puzzles, Magic Squares, Ring String Ball Puzzles, mazes and Labyrinths, Logic, Number Puzzles and many more.

a problem a day keep idiocy away

Math Starters

A fantastic resource for teachers. This book is great for teachers or for anyone who wants to keep their math intelligence sharp with a problem a day.

for all those who long to think better

The Book of Think

This short book is a gem. It is about what to do when you are puzzled, or perplexed, or stumped, or can't get there from here. It is about how to think even when you know you are fresh out of ideas.

try your hand at some "real life" problems

Hands-on Math Projects with Real-Life Applications

For teachers grades 6-12, here is an exciting collection of 60 hands-on investigations to help students apply math concepts and skills to everyday problems found across the curriculum, in sports and in daily life.

Marilyn Burns is our role model

A Collection of Math Lessons

Third in the series of three books with practical, classroom-tested ideas for teaching mathematics through problem solving. Classroom vignettes describe lessons in vivid detail, and samples of actual student work are included throughout.

This is a FABULOUS book.

1000 PlayThinks of Art, Mathematics and Science.

Wow are you gonna love this one.

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