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Algebra Magic Tricks Algecadabra Volume 1

Get excited about algebra as you engage in the analysis needed to see why these magic tricks work. All the Algebra in this volume can be done by first year Algebra students, and many tricks can be adapted for pre-algebra. Don't miss this one.

Elementary Algebra

Reviewer: [email protected] from Ferndale, Washington has the following to say about this textbook:

This book is a kinder, gentler approach to first year algebra. Harold Jacobs actually writes math texts that are fun to read. The sequence of this book is a little different than most algebra books. Jacobs starts off with one of those "Think of a number" puzzles, and shows with diagrams how it works, and then translates it into algebraic notation.

This is the point of algebra: How do you say with numbers what you can diagram? This leads quite naturally into Cartesian coordinates and a discussion of some basic functions. Exponents, polynomials, factoring and quadratic equations follows a full treatment of linear equations and systems. I use this book with homeschooled students, because they can actually take it home and study it.

The homework problems come in four sets. Set I is review problems. Set II applies to the lesson and has all the answers in the back of the book. Set III is similar to Set II problems, but does not have the answers in the book. Set IV is some logic puzzles and brain teasers for students who love math.

I highly recommend both this and Harold Jacob's text on Geometry, a good, old-fashioned approach to Euclidean geometry and proofs. Enjoy! Really.

this book helps, terrific pics

The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

Do you think that the standard deviation is a criminal offense in six states? That P-values come from the P-mart? That Bernoulli Trials are about the crime of the century? Larry Gonick joins his uniquely goofy style to Woollcott Smith's knowledge of statistics to produce a guide to the universe of lies, damn lies, and ... well, you know. Gonick has drawn a signpost directing you toward "Statistical Literacy," "Enlightenment," and "Diploma"; within, you'll find lucid explanations of probability, distributions, error functions, hypothesis testing, and other basic tools of statistics. A lifesaver for students, The Cartoon Guide to Statistics should also be required reading for politicians, reporters, voters, and anyone else who uses or abuses statistics.

great projects

Hands-on Math Projects with Real-Life Applications

For teachers grades 6-12, here is an exciting collection of 60 hands-on investigations to help students apply math concepts and skills to everyday problems found across the curriculum, in sports and in daily life. Each investigation can be tailored to fit a given classroom's needs.

Aproblem a day keeps the stupids away.

Math Starters

A fantastic resource for teachers. This book is great for teachers or for anyone who wants to keep their math intelligence sharp with a problem a day. 650 ready to use starters that get kids quickly focused and working. These starter problems can be done in 5 to 10 minutes and are geared for kids in grades 6-12. Topics covered include: Whole Numbers: theory and operation Fractions, Decimals and Percents, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra, and Potpourri. Complete answer keys are included.

fabulous resource tool

The Math Teacher's BOOK OF LISTS

A fantastic info. source for math teachers in any grade.

Reviewer: A reader from Columbia, SC

This book contains mathematical information on a huge variety of subjects as well as steps to solving almost any type of problem you can think of. Topics covered include number theory and operations, measurement,geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus,and two sections titled "Math in Other Areas" and "Potpourri". The last two sections contain information invaluable in planning and implementing integrated mathematics lessons. This book is an excellent source for the neat facts that make math exciting and interesting for students and teachers.

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