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Mind Reader

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  Howdy, I'm Alfonso,  Hello.   My name is Alfonso the Algebra Magician.

It may seem hard to believe, but I can read your mind,  (in a mathematical sense).

I've always been good with reading numbers.   Here, let me give you a quick demonstration.     click to experience the magic

















Step 1

Please select a whole number

from 1 to 10.

(write it on a piece of paper SECRETLY)


Don't tell anyone your number!

next step















Now take your number and double it.

Write the new number secretly on the paper.

next step













Step 3

Now add 4 to the doubled number.

(secretly write down this new number)

next step













Step 4

The next magic step is to

divide by 2.

(Secretly write this new result)

next step












Step 5

And now for the final mystical step!!!

press to continue


















Subtract your original number.

(VERY secretly, write this final number)

Now I will read your mind!













Step 6

You must now CONCENTRATE with every

mental fiber of your being.

Fill your mind completely with this


press to go on














It is coming!!!

















I am starting to


magic number













Is your final number............................I will reveal your mind!






























Click HERE to see how this is done.















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