Meet the gang.

These people are the reason for the season :)


spidey woman and the boys

invert revert

math wrestiling Life is good.

The A team  :)

captain probability steals Fred friends


scissor hands

Lots of love

Five fabulous figurers


Look at Paul's SMILE!


a good hair day

Do you like my hat? Stylin

We/re STRONG! Lucas...put down that ball this instant!

Magic paper standing act Captain probability partakes of an orange.

Peek-a-boo I see you :) Who can this sleeper be?

You must hold the ball like this young padawan. Alan, don't look at me like that!

Yes, people ...Algebra IS fun.

Do you like my fingernails?

Start your day off right...with a bit of ALGEBRA.

Captain probability kidnaps FRED!Brothers in math.


I just love these kids!!!

Female brain power and beauty looks like this.

That's Zack behind FRED.

Super great gal. Yes, these boys do Algebra in their spare time.

Here we see a closeup of captain probability. Zack rescues FRED from the secret lair of captain probability.




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