2006/2007 Was a calm year.

The kids were quiet all snug in their seats.

When along came Mrs. L. to teach them some feats.

At first they resisted, unsure of this work.

Gradulally they laughed and learned and no more did their fears lurk.

Yes, they became some pretty great

"Children of the Corn",

the funny version

the artisic version

The three muskateers of R.I.A.

Would you believe these folks didn't want their pictures taken?

Look at these terrific smiles.

Pretty in green and WAAAAAY smart too

three powerful brunettes

class voted most likely to entertain

you are looking at some GREAT attitudes here

a rose among thorns

the after lunch crew

Dynamic duo

got to hang them birds somehow

Friends + more friends = happiness

"Ah yes,...let me see what might be the problem.  You suffer from too much GEOMETRY."

You are looking at a lot of feminine brains here.   Watch out world.

These folks are TRULY serious about Geometry.


This was the year of the FEMALES...just count em!


All my best wishes go out to these folks!

The Queen





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