is the

YEAR of the


A Wild and


Bunch of



You will never find!

(be sure to read the captions)

Oh Boy, we're really gonna get it now!

Steve demonstrates the fine art of face sculpture.

Here we see Steve enjoying himself thoroughly.

A merry group of fellows are we.

LOOK!  There really is and eye under that hair!

Me Tarzan YOU Jane.

Here we see the strongest man in all the realm helping out his munchkin friends.

ooo baby baby, could this be a possible jail break?

A veritable tower of strength.

Ballet hits the stage in R.I.A..

Anton the STRONG lifts Ben the LITE.

I said Burt Reynolds was the BEST actor in the universe.  BTW, do you think I look like Dom Deloise?

Let's hear it for JEB the world champion self face slapper!!!!!

I'd say she's light as a feather.

You just gotta love people who can look this good at 8:30 in the MORNING!!!

You guys and gals start me off with a smile.  I love you!

Even when you are a bit crazy you are loved!

Best friends RULE!!!

Who's that smilin in the back?

I SWEAR it wasn't me!

I bet we are smarter than you.

Don't worry Mel, I'll get you across those parallel lines safely.

JB finds a novel way to get around his being vertically challenged.

This hair RULES!!!!!

Samauri Joe

Look carefully, you may never see this much intelligence in a column again!

The famous R.I.A. ring of beauty and brains.

Here we see R.I.A.'s favorite man of the cloth.

Fantastic BRAINS of the realm unite! R.I.A. Rocketts

Our famous dynamic DUO.

Take THAT you dastardly paper towel waster!

Quess who's hiding in here?

Wild guys and gals RULE!

Okay we're calm now.

Dr. Shim and Mini-Joe LOOK here's Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. 6 female BRAINS ice-skating in the realm

Sing it loud Erica!

Hey Enrique,  did you squeeze Sarah's hand too hard? The fantastic mathcourt championship mustkateer trio, hard at work on a geometrical proof

Madame Zelda blessing Matt and "Michelle"

Here we see the serious side of Steve as he ponders the theoretical implications of doing or NOT doing those new proofs Great minds think alike!

Look at Shim's Face!



Look it's that world famous soccer player WES.

This was all Shim's idea.

The long term effects of GEOMETRIC study

Aren't we pretty?

The future of America lies in the hands of these special people.

What's that SMEEEEL?



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