(be sure to read the captions)
Wow, look at this... is he NAKED? Tom, what happened to your hand?All time best Dr. Brainer Joe offers a helping hand.
Bye Mrs. L.! Can you believe he said THAT to me?Look at my hair it's BLOND!... Who knew?
Women to reckon with.Way to smile Sarah!Ryan and the guys just doing a bit of NOTHING.
Nick and Kevin pondering and ponering and pondering.Mike in DEEP thought. Like my hair Mrs. L.? I just couldn't do anything with it this morning.
True LOVE. Hi guys...I'll miss you.The deadly duo.
Hey Adam, don't forget your pencil next year! Three really nice people.Expect great things from these women.
Master Brainers! We made it through a whole year of ALGEBRA....and we are still alive!!!!
Doesn't Dave look HAPPY?

This is the most mathematically balanced coiff we have ever seen!!!! The symmetry cn simply not be overlooked here.

Glenda and her evil twin Splenda visit themathlab.comGlenda and her evil twin Splenda visit

The future of our nation rests in the hands of these people.

The guy in the middle is a world famous Chinese thumb wrestler! The World famous singing group, the "Nested Parentheses" sing their lungs out at a recent concert in R.I.A.. Here we see a band of future nuclear physicist and garbage collectors. Here we see the look on Adam's face after licking Pat's hair, and Mike thinks its just too funny. Mandy can't believe she is even IN this picture.

Hey Adam, what are you DOING back there? Queen Assunta and her band of little people. Notice the one with the GREEN hair!Here we we see the brightest minds on Earth discussing the impliactions of black resin skateboards.Is that your hand or mine Tom?Here we see a herd of the most ferocious math animals on our planet.It's super math man saving Kyle C.Can you find the three Johns in this picture?Hey Adam, let me just lick that bug off your ear.

Wait, who is this masked man ... or is it a woman?The wind is in my hair and love of math  is in my eyes!

I am Beckra the Good Witch of math spells. Shake that booty Brandon. We had no idea you could ballet with the best.Brit and Tonya our two good will math fairies on vacation.

Casey explains to Theresa how to do math homework. The ultimate paperfootball team.

Yes YOU, ....I said YOU,..... better watch out! It wasn't me Mrs. L. it was Adam. Kyle applying some school colors.

Here we see Megan screaming to Andrew in sign language.Manda the local "dancing student" floats in and out of class.

Here is a rare picture of Nick DOING HIS WORK! Sarah lights up. Ryan and King Friday. Glory to the Brave! and Paak the caa in Haavad yaad.

Here we see Brittany teaching Tom the latest in Kung Fu fighting moves.



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