Oh Baby, Baby, Here are some








of the Realm

I am the eggman.

Algebra rocks!!!! Charlie's Math Angels.

Chicken and Ed love MATH!  Math crazies, we just LOVE them.

Feed us MORE math,we want it NOW!!

Our faces say it all.

The great circle of MATH top half, The great circle of MATH bottom half.

Do ya like my hat? What is this? production polyhedra line manned by our best girls

you can even do this assignment while watching tv ,... or making fun of shane intense concentration is always required of the best geometers

a master at work

Life is GREAT!

Math brings out the ANIMAL in me. And here we see the latest in algebraic learning tools...Barbie Bungee

Let me just put this little slipknot around your ankles Barbie.... Don't look up my shirt!

Look at all the pretty tongues. Bounce that billiard ball baby

Ah the joys of mathematics a veritable field of geogolf

math brings out the best in all of us, just look at the two girls in the front row! just pondering the geometrical implications of a game of golf

let's party look at that bug Bewrnie, I think it wants to eat your knee

all's fine down at the funny farm yet more golf designing

I love you man. Did he REALLY say that?

The world famous math triplets are permanently joined at the waist. They go everywhere together.  They are INVINCIBLE! Ain't life GRAND!! Let me just WHAP that there ball.

The other set of math triplets, are equally famous for their intellectual prowess and faboulous good looks! Wanna kiss?

Sure I'll watch the class while you  leave the room to go get those papers.......



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