life in "the realm", or as the Queen calls it,

RIA, (the realm of intellectual adventure),

is a rootin tootin time.

Be sure to stop back often.

This here "realm" keeps a growin.

You just gotta love it!Look how strong we/ve become.
Who can believe math is so much of a rush.Even more strong men with minds to match!Does it get any better than this? We think not.
In the "realm" all the men are strong and the women are strong, beautiful and SMART!Oh wait, yet even MORE strong young men.
Bunny ears.Wow an even STRONGER male specimen.
Alas let us ponder the implications.I love this picture!Guess what we are thinking.
EXTREMELY smart chicks.Did this evil electronic device just say what I think it said?
Look strong, beautiful, AND smart.You don't say queen?I bet you can't do THIS!
Algebra ROCKS!!

Look what I'm making mom!Howdy ya'll.Are these things worms?
Hello young maidens of the "realm."Hello.Hello all. Now how did THAT happen?
Bye for now. 1999 was a year to remember!

Good night sweet Lords and Ladies of RIA, thus sayeth the queen.



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