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  Once you understand Union and Intersection, you can create members of "VENN WORLD"
Click HERE to get a creation venn grid.



VENN WORLD is a wacky place. It is full of circular characters and we do mean CHARACTERS!
click here to get your creation venn grid

THE EGG MAN will be your guide. He will teach you how to create our wacky characters.

You will need to print out a creation venn grid.




If you like to color electronically, the creation venn grid can be "right-clicked" on and saved as a bmp file. It can then be opened in a "paint" program to be colored.  

After you have completed THE EGGMAN, click here to see what he looks like to us at themathlab.com.

If your creation was successful, you can count yourself as one of the citizens of VENN WORLD.


  As a citizen you are entitled to create more elements of our world. We need more people, animals, houses, vehicles, toys, art etc..  

Please feel free to send us the directions for making new elements of VENN WORLD.

Just click here to send us your directions based on the creation venn grid. You can attach your picture too, if it is saved as a gif file.

We will post them in our VENN WORLD SHOWCASE.





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