Welcome to "The Egg Man" your guide to VENN WORLD.

Below are directions for creating The Egg Man in all his circular glory.

If you forget what UNION union symbol and INTERSECTION intersection symbol are, click here for a refresher.

Remember also that complement symbol stands for the COMPLEMENT of a given set. That is all the elements which are not in the given set. So "complement symbol A" means the complement of set A or all the stuff that is not in the set A.


  1. Print out a copy of the creation venn grid.
  2. Color black B intersect C intersect F and leave a white circle in the center.
  3. Color black C intersect D intersect G and leave a white circle in the center.
  4. Draw a spiral swirl his hairat the top of C intersect complement B intersect complement D intersect complement F.
  5. Draw a red smiling mouth in C intersect (F G).
  6. Color red E intersect complementA intersect complementF intersect complementH intersect complementB.
  7. Color red G intersect complementF intersect complementD intersect complementK intersect complementC.
  8. Color with wild polka dots F intersect complementE intersect complementG intersect complementC intersect complementB.
  9. Color black (I J) intersect complementH intersect complementL intersect complementM intersect complementN intersect complementK intersect complementG intersect complementF intersect complementE.
  10. Draw red and white stripes in L intersect complementH intersect complementM intersect complementP.
  11. Draw blue and white stripes in N intersect complementM intersect complementQ intersect complementK.
  12. Draw 4 red fingers on the left arm by circle E.
  13. Draw 4 red fingers on the right arm to the right of circle G.


Say Hello to your guide THE EGG MAN!


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