Below is THE TREE OF MYSTERIES where Soh-Cah-Toa carved all of her trigonometry information.

  • There are 10 questions hidden in this tree. Click around to find them.
  • As you find each answer, use the decoder grid below to find its matching letter.
  • When you have all ten letters in order, enter this "password" below for some cool treasure.

Sophia carved all of her trigon mysteries on this tree.

Password Decoder Grid

u) 6.8
s) 4.62
a) 5.7
i) 59
t) 470
p) 91
l) 8.62
o) 4
c) 16
s) 4.3
d) 6
n) 1
b) 1374
c) 17.3


When you KNOW the password



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