Printable Trigonometric Ratios Test

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An answer bank is supplied at the bottom. It will reveal a password that can be used for treasure at

1.) All ladders have a window of safety. They will only stand rigid if placed at an angle between 65 and 80 degrees with respect to the ground.
Be careful where you place your ladders.

Suppose you have a 25 foot ladder, what is the CLOSEST you can place this ladder to a building and still be safe. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot to find the first letter of the password.

2.) The sine of 89 degrees is approximately 0.9998. Draw a triangle with this ratio to find the second letter of the password.

3.) Look at the figure below. Consider angles 1, 2, 3, and 4. To find the third letter of the password, decide which has the largest TANGENT?
Watch out how you look at this one.

*HINT: Be sure you are looking at the right triangles not the scalene triangles.

4.) Ken Katana is a Kite flying beach beanie. He likes to get his kite aloft and reel out all 500 feet of string. Then he anchors the kite and scopes for female beanies. He actually believes that the high flying kite will bring him good luck with the women.
Interestin beach method for attracting the opposite sex.

Today he has out his hottest chick magnet kite known as the "Dragon Diver". It's out on a 500 foot line and is making a 70 degree angle with the ground. To find the fourth letter of the password, figure out to the nearest foot, how high off the ground it is.

5.) Sophia made her trigon toy named "Thor" with a belly ten units long and a back end one unit long. She placed his nose on the smallest acute angle, because she thought it made him seem meaner that way.

What is the degree of his nose angle to the nearest tenth of a degree? Find it and you'll have the fifth letter of the password.

6.) Two foot tall, Beatrice Beanie loves to shadow dance on her driveway just as the sun goes down. If the sun is making a seven degree angle with the ground, how long will Beatrice's shadow be to the nearest foot? The answer will give you the sixth password letter.

7.) Below, we see the clue to the seventh letter of the password. It is hidden, to the nearest square unit, in the area of the isosceles triangle with the 27 degree base angles and the matching 15 unit sides.
8.) The eighth password letter is matched with the area of the pentagon below, rounded to the nearest square centimeter.
The radius of the circle is 5cm. HINT: the pentagon is a regular, inscribed polygon, and the radius of the circle is 5 cm.
9.)The regular hexagon HEXAGN holds the key to the ninth letter of the password. Each side has length 10 units. Find HX to the nearest tenth of a unit.
10.) In the 5-12-13 right triangle below, the length of the altitude to the hypotenuse rounded to the nearest hundredth, is matched with tenth letter of the password.


u) 6.8
s) 4.62
a) 5.7
i) 59
t) 470
p) 91
l) 8.62
o) 4
c) 16
s) 4.3
d) 6
n) 1
b) 1374
c) 17.3

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