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Now its time to transfer your net designs onto posterboard or some other stiff material. Regular paper will not be strong enough. You don't want to destroy the net patterns because you may need to use them again if you make a mistake on one of the posterboard pieces.

So to keep the designs preserved we will transfer them using carbon paper. Carbon paper is available at office supply stores.

NOTE: If you can't get carbon paper, you can always rub a soft pencil over the back of the net pattern lines, and then lay it on the posterboard and transfer. It is a bit messy, but it will work.

Be sure to lay the carbon paper underneath your design with the carbon surface facing the posterboard. Then secure the design and the carbon paper to the posterboard with a bit of tape so that it doesn't move as you draw over the design lines.

carbon paper underneath original, secured with tape

As you draw over the lines of your net, the carbon will transfer onto the posterboard. It's easy to forget which lines you have already traced, so we recommend using a pen of a different color than the original net. That way you will be able to see where you have drawn.

trace over your design in a different color

You don't need to transfer any of the measurements, just the outline and the glue flaps. When you lift the carbon paper, you should see the design has transferred.

nice transfer and the original is unharmed


Now you may want to decorate the net. Some folks prefer to add the detail while the net is still flat. You can draw on windows and doors, paint on siding or bricks etc.. Or you can wait until the net is built to draw these details.

We decided to paint a sky with clouds onto the "glass" pentagonal pyramid of our library before we cut it out, folded it up, and glued.

we painted the net before we cut it out and glued it up


It's time to FOLD and GLUE.


It's very important that you SCORE all the fold lines with a sharp object like a compass point or the tip of a steak knife before you try to fold. This will cut the top fibers of the posterboard and will give you a clean crisp fold. Be sure to use a ruler as a guide to keep your scoring perfectly straight.

use a sharp object to SCORE all the foldlines

When you're done scoring, fold the figure and do a "dry fit" before you apply any glue. This will tell you if you missed any score lines.

ready to glue

When gluing, always spread your glue using a small piece of scrap posterboard like a knife. Spread it all over the glue flap as if you were buttering a piece of bread. Let the glue set for about 20 seconds before you press the surfaces together. Then hold the joint until the glue grabs enough to stay in place. This will take a few minutes. Glue one flap at a time making sure that they are each holding before moving on to the next. Sometimes the last two flaps will need to be attached at the same time.

Here you can see our finished pyramid.

hold those joints

Take your time to carefully transfer, decorate, and build all of your nets.


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