modern brick home
the front is better than the back here
would you believe an ART museum
a house on top of a waterfall
funky looking building
amazing use of every geometric shape imaginable
way cool home
what a way to be burried
a real life dollhouse
formidable brick approach
nice use of decoration
Robie House
Victorian charmers
travel to old England

Welcome to the

Here are some images to get your creativity going for the project. Click on any image to see a larger version and a bit of geometric analysis.


what's a flying buttress
a simple barn design
expensive but unsatisfying building from this vantage point
lets get a bit formal shall we
what are those things
a roof worth examining
the essence of charm
castle vs village
unbelievable adornment
look toward heaven
do people live here
cool tower
oasis among boxes
industrial use of cylinders
Victorian elegance
great detail
a very practical school design
a Spanish touch
condominiums with attitude
a gymnasium
funky is all we can say
triangles at their best
a chapel worth looking at
doolhouse in a prism
the roof is everything here
this is one very "pointy" roof old world charm a concession stand
amazing beach house a corner church


roof detail

upscale home

a stately landscaped A-Frame

some great gables here

a visitor's center funky little home

a victorian home now acts as a lawyer's office now


Architecture Project Menu

wonderful architecture book

The Annotated ARCH

This is a fabulous book that will satiate all of your architectural curiosity. It has tremendous pictures and very readable text. We highly recommend it.


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