Now that you have a zone, and a building, and you've had a chance to look at some slides, its time to start visual brainstorming.

The best way to do this is with a few pieces of scrap paper and a pencil. Just begin experimenting with cylinders and cones and prisms and pyramids. Put them together in all kinds of ways until you find something you like. Don't worry about your drawing skills. Perspective is not necessary. Simple front, back, top, left and right side elevations will be fine.

When you hit upon a design that pleases you, start drawing it in more detail, experimenting with windows and doors and decoration, even a bit of landscaping perhaps.

It may take several sheets of paper until you find what you want. Remember to keep it relatively simple. We recommend no more than four different polyhedral surface types on the building.

THESE SKETCHES ARE THE BASIS FOR YOUR ENTIRE BUILDING, so be sure to experiment extensively and think them through well.

Below are some examples we did. We chose to do a Library in the town of R.I.A. (also known as "the Realm of Intellectual Adventure").

We started with some very rough "doodle" type drawings.

we started with theseWe liked the idea of a glass pyramid on the roof of the building. This would open below onto an atrium with a fountain and plants.

then we tried these

Next we started to think that maybe a garden on the roof of the library would be cool. But how would we guard the edges so that people wouldn't fall off. First we thought a black iron fence would look good, but it didn't. So we ended up deciding to use a 4 foot high cement wall.

this was the design that we chose to develop Be sure to write lots of notes to yourself on these preliminary sketches. You don't want to forget any of your ideas, so jot them down as they come to you.


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