Applying your final touches and landscaping:

Now we turn the paper shell into a believable miniature edifice. Below are some tricks that might help you.

prepare your plot of "land" first
Here we paint the "land" to look like a sidewalk. We thought that black would offset the building nicely.
spattering creates lots of neat effects
Then we decided that a granite sidewalk would look even better, so we dipped a toothbrush in some white paint and used a spatter technique to make the "granite".
the observation wall needs to be attached
Next we had to create the observation wall on top of the library. It was a bit tricky, but the glue gun set it on for us firmly.
acetate for our windows
We glued clear acetate sheets over each window to give a shiny "glasslike" appearance. We glued the edges of the windows only.
hot glue smeared and then painted looks a lot like stucco
To give the building a solid feel, we decided it should be made of stucco. To create the illusion of stucco, we used the glue gun and smeared globs of glue on the surface of the posterboard. Then we painted it white. It turned out to be quite convincing once the paint dried.
next we glue the felt on the roof to simulate a lawn
Now it was time to start the landscaping. We needed a lawn on the roof, so we traced the roof perimeter onto a piece of green felt, cut it out, and glued it on. Nice roof lawn huh?
raised beds are created for the trees' root systems
We created raised beds to plant the trees and allow for their root systems. We used thick white shoestrings for the this. Each tree was then "planted" in a blob of hot glue and held in place until the glue set (about 30 seconds).
dried flowers are used to fill the raised beds
Next we applied flowers to the raised beds. This added color and it hid the glue blobs at the base of the trees.

Here is a close-up of the finished, top, roof, garden.

Here we see the finished building from the front.

Here is the finished view from the back.


Good luck as you finish your building into a tiny miniature masterpiece.

Don't forget to take some pictures!


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