Okay, now its time to let yourself get into the detail of what the front and back of the building will look like. You may find yourself getting ideas as you draw, and you may need to change your drawing several times until you are totally pleased with it. This is normal and actually a very good thing. Modifying your design usually makes it richer.

Don't forget to include the scale you are using and your measurements on these elevations. You may put details like "gingerbread" decorative elements, windows and shutters, doors, etc. on these drawings too. The more you think through these elevations, the easier the actual construction of your nets will be.

Be very careful with your measuring, because your net designs will be taken from this information.

Below are our front and back elevations for the library. We actually went through two complete sets of drawings before we found a design that we felt was workable and attractive.

notice, scale, detail, and measurements

remember scale, detail, and measurements

These drawings can be done in pencil or in color.


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