Construct a HEXAGONAL PRISM and Analyze its Surface Area and Volume

Now we are going to get a bit fancier. For this activity you will construct a HEXAGONAL PRISM. It will have two congruent, regular, hexagons for its top and bottom. The sides will be rectangles.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Draw a net for an irregular hexagonal prism, including dimensions and glue flaps. Be sure to name each of the eight faces: top, bottom, side1, side2, side3, side4, side5, and side6. On a regular hexagonal prism, these sides will all be congruent, but on any other hexagonal prism they will NOTall be congruent.

  2. Cut out your net. Dry fold, (fold it but don't glue the flaps), to be sure that it works.

  3. On the front of a piece of notebook paper, explain in words how to find the surface area for your net, and then show the mathematics.
    *NOTE: You will have to cut the hexagon into shapes for which you know how to find the area, like triangles and trapezoids.

  4. On the back of the notebook paper explain how to find the volume for your hexagonal prism and then show the mathematics.

  5. DON'T use the same dimensions as the example. Yours must be irregular, (not all sides the same length on the hexagon).

Click here to see our example.



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