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Below are some cool body decorations that are easy to make. You can also use this method to just create strong decorative rope of any kind. Don't be afraid to experiment with different strings.

These ropes are easily made from yarn. Try all kinds of color combinations.

They make great headbands and hairbands. You can use all sorts of colored and textured yarn. Even use beads or feathers for an extra eye-catching touch.
You can weave them throughout your hair with hairpins, or even include them in braids.

Headband or hairband, light or dark, so many to choose from, make one for each outfit.

Wrap your whole body if you want. Experiment, have fun.

We call this the "princess" look since the rope cascades down the back of the head.

See, it gives a real Indian princess look.

They make great belts too. Wrap them tight or drape them loose.
make em in all sizes and colors
Make them in all lengths and colors. Let yourself go wild.

look how to make them below

All you need is yarn or string and scissors.

Decide what you want to make, and cut your yarn THREE TIMES longer. If you are making a necklace, wrap the first piece around your neck three times to get the overall length.

Cut as many strands as you like. The more you cut, the thicker the rope will be. For necklaces we use two strands. Just experiment. Be sure to tie a tight knot in one end of the strands.

Now find a place to secure the knotted end. We used the leg of our coffee table here. You could also have a friend hold the end for you.

Now find a comfortable place to sit where you can stretch out the strands to their full length and keep them taught.

Now start to twist. You will twist, and twist, and twist, and twist until the yarn gets tight and starts to crinkle up on itself.

To test if the rope is ready, just loosen up on the tension slightly. If it crinkles up all by itself then it is ready. *On the long ropes you will have to twist for a long time.

Now fold the twisted yarn in half being sure to keep the tension in the line, then get ready to let go.

When you let go, the rope will come to life and twist up on itself forming a strong, yet flexible rope. If any sections get kinks in them, just stretch them out.

Here is the finished piece.

If you attach a hairpin to one end, it will make a nice hair decoration.

Or if you prefer, a choker necklace.

Remember, the more strands you use, the THICKER your rope will be.

They make great INDOOR jump ropes because they are light and soft.

Experiment, these ropes can be used for lots of things. We have also used them as drawstrings in laundry bags.

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