Welcome to the sockdartwarriors treasure page.
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I'm Mabel

Hi my name is MABEL. I'm the leader of the warriors.

I fly through the air with knifelike precision. I always land where my master commands.

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I'm Simon

Hello, dart challengers. I'm Simon of the tongue flying clan. My family is famous for flying and using their huge tongues as sails.

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I'm Robin

Howdy, I'm Robin, and I LOVE to fight in a good sockdartwarrior match.

I just can't get enough. My masters always get results when they use me.

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I'm Lucinda

I'm Lucinda. My friends all say I'm too pretty to be a warrior. I always say, "Appearances can be totally wrong."

Because I don't look like I can fly and fight, I always take my enemies by surprise. The hand that throws me is guaranteed to WIN!

I'm Bugsy
Hey guys, I'm Buggsy. I've got the best ears in town. They help me fly and fight better than all the others.
I'm Pinkie
They call me Pinky. Feathers are my passion.
Yes, here we all are ready to go into dart battle.

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