Welcome to the shoemorf treasure page.

What can you do with a shoe?


Start with some cheap, white canvas shoes. Be sure to wash them first to remove any sizing chemicals that might repel dye or paint. Then let your mind go creative. Try all kinds of things to express yourself.
If you wrap them in rubber bands before you dye them, you can get some cool effects.
Here, only the tips were dipped in the dye bath.
Here, the whole shoe was dyed.
The back of the shoes were painted with dye, for more control. A nice diagonal stripe of white was left.
Notice the tips of the shoe tongues were also painted with orange dye.
The laces on all the shoes were decorated with fabric paint. This kind of paint is available in any craft department.
The rubber band around the soles was also decorated with the fabric paint.

A permanent marker was used to decorate with all kinds of math cheats.

Every formula we could think of was included. Anyone wearing these shoes has a walking math "cheat sheet" on their feet.

Here the rubber band around the sole was carefully decorated with fabric paint.

Funky looking finished shoes.

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