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If you like to chew gum, and you want a good luck charm, this page is for YOU.

A gum wrapper paper has the perfect dimensions to make the gumluckchain possible.

So gather a lot of them. Most people believe that the longer the chain the stronger the luck.

You can make this chain over time as you chew the gum.

Begin by laying the gum wrapper flat.
Then fold it in half lengthwise. Be SURE to crease the fold sharply with your thumb nail and make SURE that the edges are aligned perfectly.
Now fold it a second time. Again, making sure that the edges are perfectly aligned and that the crease is sharp.
Now fold it a THIRD time again making sure the edges are aligned and the crease is SHARP. The third fold is the hardest, so be careful.
Here we fold the wrapper in half the other way, again making sure the crease is sharp.
Now bring each of the ends into the center fold and crease sharply. Be careful here, sometimes these ends don't want to fold smoothly. You may need to smooth the folds to get a sharp crease.
Go ahead and make another one exactly the same way as the first.
Now carefully push the second link through the first link.
When it's the whole way through, it will look like this. Notice the folds on the blue link are ready now for the THIRD link to be pushed through. *NOTE: you might want to take a pencil tip to open up the folds a bit so you can slide the next link in.
Here we have inserted the third link.

Most folks believe that a chain must have at least TEN links to contain magic. Here is one a bit longer than that.

People carry these small ones with them in pockets, in purses, in bookbags, or keep them in a drawer close to where they do their homework for good luck.

If you need to put two chains together or to make a circle out of one long chain, you will need to thread them together. We recommend dental floss.

As you prepare your link, simply place a piece of dental floss about five inches long in each of the end folds.

The link will look like this.

These threads will then be pulled through the folded ends of the piece you are attaching to.

Then push the end folds through each other.

Here you see the two joined pieces. They will come apart however unless you tie the dental floss together.
Here we tie the dental floss so the chain pieces can be permanently joined.

V'oila! Two successfully joined pieces.

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