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The game of dots is played with two people, a game board, and a pencil.

Players take turns connecting two adjacent dots vertically or horizontally. A player who closes a square on her turn, gets to mark the square with her initials as a win, and then take another turn.

When no more squares can be made, or a prearranged time is met, the player with the most claimed squares wins.

Player one starts by drawing a horizontal or vertical segment, one block long, anywhere on the dot board.

Then player one draws a segment anywhere on the board. It's good to use different colors if you can. It helps keep straight, who drew which lines.


Here we see player one making a mistake. She places her segment in a spot which guarantees the square to her opponent on the next move.
See, player no. two finishes the square and claims it by writing her number inside. She then get another turn to draw. Every time you finish a square, you get another turn.
Player one is getting smarter. She knows she needs to find a spot where player two can't finish a square, so she chooses this segment.
Now it's player two's turn to make a mistake. She places this horizontal segment.
So player one finishes the square and claims it with her number and draws a segment where a square can't be finished in one move.

Since both players are being smart now, they fill the board with random segments that don't form squares. Eventually though, there will be no more moves except to make squares.

Then is when it gets exciting! Strategy is everything in this game.


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